Delivery Policy


a) All transactions made through our online store are subject to validation of inventory, payment method and verification of personal data. If this process is not approved your order will be rejected. A message with the result of this transaction will be send to the email provided by the customer. In case a debit was done, we will refund the money through the same payment method used by the customer five (5) days after the notification message.

b) The Delivery of the order is made within business hours, cities and or areas considered safe for transporting and at the discretion of the carrier.
All purchases made through are considered international shipments so the delivery time of the purchase will be between three (3) and ten (10) business days, counted from the date of approval of the order. The approval of the payment of the order will be notified to the email address provided by the customer at the time of the purchase.

Note 1: if the area or place specified in the order is affected by weather conditions that can delay the shipment, the date of delivery will change but the customer will receive the order once these conditions are back to normal.

Note 2: The customer should be aware that no address change is allowed after the purchase has been approved and / or processed. Likewise, the costs of income tax of the product required by the destination country will be borne directly by the buyer

Nota 3: Our customers can check the status of their order typing the tracking number on the website of the courier assigned by GRUPO SANVAL SAS.

c) The product may be received and inspected by any person of legal age who lives or is present at the place of delivery. The signature on the carrier document will suffice, unless at the time of making the purchase the customer expressly manifest that the product must be delivered only to a specific person. This information must be indicated in the box of observations on the dispatch form.

d) If at the time of delivery no one is present to receive the order, or the authorized person is present, the order will be return to the place of dispatch. GRUPO SANVAL SAS will reschedule the delivery and /or the customer should contact the courier designated by GRUPO SANVAL SAS and agree on the date and time of delivery. If the order is not receives after two (2) visits made by the carrier, GRUPO SANVAL SAS will proceed with the return of the product. In this case, if the customer would like the order to be forwarded to another address, it is the obligation of the customer to contact GRUPO SANVAL SAS through the customer service line +57-315-3165886 or write an email to the corporate address and request this service. All costs generated by this operation must be paid by the customer.

e) The customer must check with the carrier that the product ordered is delivered in good condition. If no claim is registered in the carrier´s delivery document, it will be understood that the customer is satisfied with the product and they will lose the right to claim.

f) In the event that the product is not inspected at the time of delivery, the customer will have 24 hours after receipt to notify GRUPO SANVAL SAS of any inconvenience with the product. After that time the customer will not be able to make any claims effective.

g) If upon delivery of the order the customer refuses to receive the product for any reason beyond the responsibility of GRUPO SANVAL SAS, the shipping cost will not be refunded.

h) If the product received does not match the one published and /or if the product is damaged at the time of delivery, GRUPO SANVAL SAS will not charge the customer with shipping costs.

i) If the customer has any concerns with their order, they should contact the customer service line +57-315-316-5886 or write an email to

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